• Today I made up a new rank. It is an add-on to either the Chat Monitor rank or the Moderator rank. 

    What Abilities They Have:

    They have no special abilities, but they can do some stuff. They are in charge of keeping the forums in order and contact an admin if they see spam or someone breaking rules. They may also modify the forums rules to make them better, but must be approved by an admin.


    Upon becoming one you get an additional tag on your user profile.

    Can I Become One:

    Anyone can apply for this but they must do so on homepage on the staff application area. You will then be placed on a poll to see if you may become one. Any user under the rank of Admin can apply.

    I Don't Want To Loose My Current Rank:

    Don't worry, Chat Monitors and Moderators get to keep their positions. Remember Forums Monitor is just an Add-On.

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