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Active Staff

These users are active, and will get back to you possibly within a couple days, or even a couple minutes!


Bureaucrats have the ultimate power. The only ones with more power than them, are the Wikia staff members themselves. They can even promote other users to staff.

Dblcut3 Owner. AUGUST 25, 2012

Epic Steve Miner Owner. DECEMBER 3, 2012

Dragonballgtgoku Owner. MAY 18, 2015


Admins can block users, kick/ban people from chat, and revert edits easily.

Dak47922 Admin. MARCH 7, 2013

Agent Spy Admin. AUGUST 29 2013

ILikeTrains Admin. SEPTEMBER 2 2013

The Deranged Umbreon Admin. FEBRUARY 23 2014

Darthwikia25 Admin  15 'NOVEMBER 2014

TheV1ct0ri0u5 Admin DECEMBER 20 2015

FORUM Moderators

Moderators take care of the forums and can highlight and archive threads.

Kerrawesome Forum Mod. JANUARY 25 2015

Ultramarine192 Forum Mod. DECEMBER 19 2015

Chat Moderators/ ROLLBACKS

Chat Moderators can kick/ban people from chat.

Tnt64 Chat Moderator. FEBRUARY 9 2014

Pigman0439 Chat Moderator. JUNE 1 2015

Adam9812 Rollback 25 AUGUST 2014

Retired Staff

These users are inactive, and have been demoted

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