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Alpha 0.3.3 was a major update for Minecraft that was released on August 9, 2012 for Android and iOS devices.



  • 6 slot hotbar for all devices
  • Better brightness
  • When the Player falls down from a cliff or at a high place, a sound playing some bones breaking will be heard.
  • Item decay time extended to 5 minutes




  • Removed particles from spawning when you hit the edges of the world.
  • Stairs now block light.
  • Some sounds that were missing in the previous versions can now be heard:
  • A bug where a Fence Gate would not appear in the user’s hand but it would when placed.
  • When a Player stood on a Slab and created another one, the Player simply fell through.
  • Swords (and other Tools) now take damage from hitting Mobs.
  • Golden tools are no longer tougher than Wooden tools.
  • The rear end texture was upside down on some Mobs.
  • The D-pad on iPad no longer/rarely intersects with the item slots.
  • Players can no longer place Sugarcane in Water.
  • Dark green Leaves have correct textures when cut by Shears.
  • Blocks placed on Top Snow aren’t duplicated in Multiplayer.
  • Mobs can drop items

Bug Fixes

  • Mobs spawn in daytime.
  • Torch lighting not as effective.
  • Bows don't lose durability.
  • Sometimes when holding a bow, it shows the Bow and the Arrow.
  • When aiming using a bow in third person mode, the bow is above the hand.
  • Some sounds are missing: Spider's death sound, etc.
  • While drawing back an arrow, if the user aims at a Torch, Flower, Sugarcane, or Mushroom, it is broken.
  • Dandelion Yellow and Bone Meal sometimes appear as green Dye in hand and also in third person mode.
  • Hostile Mobs don't have the correct Health (for example, Zombies now take up to 2 hits with a Diamond Sword).
  • Sometimes when aiming with a bow, the game crashes and some items in Furnaces will be deleted.
  • The animation for drawing back the bow has gaps in between the pixels.
  • Fire has been removed due to a spreading glitch where fire would spread throughout an entire world when a single flammable block is set on fire.
  • Fixed a bug where fire would spread throughout an entire world after a single flammable block had been set aflame by Lava.
  • Corrected Crafting recipes for Furnace, Block of Iron, Lapis Lazuli Block, Block of Gold and Block of Diamond.
  • Furnace crashing bug has been fixed.
  • Sapling/leaves fixes.
  • Players now need a Crafting Table to make Wooden Doors.
  • Torches can now be placed on Fences.
  • Dandelion Yellow dye no longer appears as an Egg in MATTIS or the hotbar.
  • A bug where a Cactus and door placed next to each other would remove the bottom door block (and top one if a 2 level cactus).