An example of the Pen Farming method

Animal Farming is a gameplay method in which the Player uses Passive Mobs as a renewable source of items by keeping them in a confined area for their resources.

Farm Animals


  • Pit Method – In the Pit Method, the Player must dig a 3 block deep hole with a Ladder to get outside, and lure Mobs inside using the appropriate food. The Mobs can be bred and farmed continuously. This method can be automated using Pistons and/or Dispensers for automated farming.
  • Pen Method – In the Pen Method, the Player must surround a relatively large area with Fences and a Fence Gate. Then, he/she must lure Mobs inside and farm them as needed.


  • Animal Farming can provide a constant source of items, provided that the Player doesn't kill the animal, or constantly Breeds them.
  • Animal Farming can also be done for Hostile Mobs, and is done in a Mob Spawner (a dark room or a Dungeon with a working Mob Spawner).
  • Animal Farming can give the Player Experience Points.