IMG 4012

View with beautiful skies on.

IMG 4013

View without beautiful skies on.

Beautiful Skies is a setting which is found in the Video Settings. Enabling Beautiful Skies will make Clouds, Stars, the Moon, and the Sun appear in Minecraft. Turning it off does not usually effect game performance speed or reduce lag.


IMG 4015

The Beautiful Skies option.

  • Go into the Pause menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select video settings.
  • Tap Beautiful Skies.


  • With Beautiful Skies on the Player can find East and West during sunrise and sunset. However, North and South is not easy to determine, as the Sun progresses centered in the sky above the Player.
  • The Beautiful Skies option is useful in determining the Moon's phase since it can be used for determining when the Slimes are most likely to spawn.