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First Appearance

Update 0.7.0

Buckets are Tools that were added in Update 0.7.0.


Buckets can be Crafted by using Iron Ingots. They can also be found in Dungeon Chests.

A bucket of fish can be obtained by using a water bucket on any fish mob.


  • 3 Iron Ingots => 1 Bucket


The pages on Water Bucket or Lava Bucket describes uses when transporting Lava and Water. Buckets can only be used to pick up Water and Lava source Blocks, not flowing Blocks. To place a new stream the Player holds the Bucket, and taps on another block. To empty a full Bucket, place the full Bucket on a source block already having Water or Lava.

Lava Buckets can also be used as weapons. However, this may destroy the Mob's drops, or even lead to the Player's death. Water Buckets can slow down Mobs, or soften falls.

Buckets can also be used to milk Cows or Mooshrooms. A Bucket of Milk can be used to Craft certain Food or to remove all Status Effects.

Since Update Aquatic, buckets can be used to catch fish, unlocking the achievement "I'm a Marine Biologist".

Water buckets can be used to manually turn regular Zombies into Drowned to farm them.


  • Without buckets, Lava and Water cannot be placed.
  • Empty buckets can be stacked; however, buckets filled with fluids cannot be stacked.
  • Milk is the only Bucket-held Item that cannot be placed.
  • The "I'm a Marine Biologist" achievement is named "Tactical Fishing" in the Java Edition.
  • The fish bucket obtained will correspond to the fish picked up.
  • An empty bucket can be used to obtain a fish bucket.