Diagram showing coordinate orientation



First Appearance

Update 1.2

Coordinates are numbers that represent the Player's position in a World. They were added in Update 1.2.


Coordinates can be used to mark certain areas, allowing the Player to find them again by inputting the Coordinates into a Command Block if Commands are enabled. Alternatively, a Player could simply walk or fly to the location. This is especially useful if the Player respawns or wishes to share a location with someone else.


Coordinates are based on a grid with three axes, x;y;z. The point where the axes intersect is known as the origin point.

  • The x-axis represents the longitude in the World. It indicates the Player's distance east or west of the origin point.
  • The z-axis represents the latitude in the World. It indicates the Player's distance north or south of the origin point.
  • The y-axis represents the elevation, or height above sea level in the world. It indicates the Player's position in terms of height.


  • Coordinates can be disabled by admins on servers.
  • In Minecraft, 1 coordinate number is the same as one Block.
  • As the Player moves south, the z-axis number increases; similarly, the number decreases as he/she travels north. The same occurs with the x-axis number; it increases when going west and decreases when traveling east. Therefore, the sytem works as follows:
    • Z-axis: South (+); North (-)
    • X-axis: West (+); East (-)
    • Y-axis: Number increases with altitude, and decreases with the same.
  • Y=63 is the sea level for the Overworld, and Y=31 is the Lava sea level for the Nether.