Gravity is an in-game mechanic obeyed by entities. It makes entities fall if there is no Block directly below them until they hit a block or fall into The Void. All Mobs obey gravity, except for GhastsBats, and sometimes Blazes.


Gravity in Minecraft is not the same for all entities. Each group of entities undergoes a different amount of acceleration due to Gravity. There is also a drag force which is proportionate to velocity, again dependant on the type of entity.

Blocks Obeying Gravity

Kind Acceleration due to Gravity (m/s²)
Players and Mobs 32
ItemsTop Snow, SandRed Sand, Concrete PowderGravelTNTAnvils 16
MinecartsBoats 16
Water, Lava N/A


  • Thrown Items also obey gravity.
  • After Update 0.11.0, Sand and Gravel naturally generated above air will not fall until a block state nearby is toggled, or if it is shot with an Arrow.
  • Minecarts go faster when going downhill, as they obey gravity.