Chat is a fun way to connect with others on wikis or just socialize with them. But, there are always rules.

The ordinary rules override any rules that are listed here.


  • Be nice
  • Don't spam
  • Don't post inappropriate or NSFW content (Seriously, Minecraft is a kids game)
  • Don't post exceedingly long URLs (Use or
  • Don't give out your personal information (Seriously, you may not expect it, but bad things can happen on chatrooms)
  • Listen to staff members – The staff are here to make rules, so if they tell you to do something, listen.

What to do if someone is breaking the rules

Don't fight back, if someone is being rude, ignore them and notify a Chat Moderator. If you are a chat moderator, give them a few chances, and if they don't listen, kick them from chat, if that doesn't work, consult an admin about the length of time for them to be banned from chat.