This is the Official Minecraft Bedrock Wiki Guide, which has been specially tailored to help newer users navigate through the wiki and learn how they can help.

Getting Started

After you join the Wiki, you should firstly get familar with the Wiki's policies and guides. Check out the following wiki policies to get a good idea about the wiki's functioning.

If you are already familar with the Wiki's policies, there are several things you can do. You can start browsing through the wiki's pages for information, edit them to add/remove information, or surf through the forums for important threads, messages or to play games.


If you choose to edit on the Wiki, you can surf through pages to check what needs changing. Alternatively, you can contact a staff member to ask them what needs editing.

There are some guidelines you should follow when editing-

  • Only edit if an edit is needed – Do not edit only to farm edits or to earn badges
  • Make sure you don't remove important information – Make sure you don't remove important information from pages in your haste.
  • Check your Edit – After editing, check your edit through the preview option before editing it to make sure you haven't made any mistakes
  • Add a summary – You should make it a point to add a summary since staff review edits made by newer users to make sure they are correct. Adding a summary lets them know that you've edited in good faith.

User Rights

Main Article: User Rights Nominations

The Minecraft Bedrock Wiki follows a democratic system of user rights nominations, thus, the community gets to vote for who they want to be promoted to ranks on the wiki. Whenever a user is nominated to a staff position, the community can choose to support, oppose or remain neutral with regard to the nomination.

The requirements to be nominated for a staff position are listed on the rights nominations page.