Mineral Vein
Mineral Vein


Generated Structure


Anywhere where there is Stone (Overworld)
Anywhere where there is Netherrack (Nether)

First Appearance

Update 0.1.0

Mineral Veins are Generated Structures added in Update 0.1.0.


Mineral Veins contain a cluster of Ore Blocks and can be found anywhere where there is Stone. It is mostly found underground, but when Stone is exposed on the surface it can also expose a Mineral Vein, particularly in Extreme hills Biomes.

In the Nether, clusters of Nether Quartz Ore can be found, but these are generally not considered as a Mineral Vein due to the lack of other Ores.


The clusters are usually made up of connecting blocks of the various ores gathered in minor blocks within the structure. The structure is usually not limited to only one dimension, and will usually cover most blocks within a 3x3x3 area.

The following Ores may spawn in mineral veins:

There is no loot to be found beside the Ores themselves within a Mineral Vein.


  • Mineral Veins were the only Generated Structures that existed before Update 0.9.0.
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