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A player sleeping


Game Mechanics

First Appearance

Update 0.4.0

Sleeping is an in-game mechanic which is activated when a Player interacts with a Bed. The Player can sleep at night to automatically skip to dawn (and to skip a Rainstorm if one is present).


The Player must tap on a bed at night, the screen will slowly fade to black. After the transition is finished, he/she will wake up. If there are Hostile Mobs nearby, the Player will receive an on-screen message that reads You may not rest now, there are monsters nearby and will not be able to sleep. If it is day, it will display You can only sleep at night. If another Player taps on the bed a Player is currently in, it will display This bed is occupied.


  • The Health-healing exclusive feature of sleeping in a bed in Minecraft Pocket Edition was removed in Update 0.9.0.
  • If another Player places Sand or other falling blocks on a sleeping Player, the sleeping Player will not suffocate, even when they wake up.
  • In Multiplayer, all Players must sleep at once to skip to dawn.
  • In The Nether and The End, if the Player attempts to sleep, the Bed will explode.
  • After a successful sleep, the Player's spawn point will be set to the location of the bed. However, this will not affect Compasses.
    • If the Player's bed is destroyed, dying will redirect them to their original spawn point or another spawn point that has been set using Commands.
  • On multiplayer, the Player can still attack and kill another Player that is sleeping.
  • As of Update 1.1, there is a new sleeping animation.