Portal Room


Generated Structure


Hidden underground

First Appearance

Update 0.9.0

Strongholds are Generated Structures added in Update 0.9.0. They are the rarest generated structures in Minecraft.


Up to 128 Strongholds can be generated in a world. Sometimes they are generated in connection with a Village well.

As of Update 1.0, it is possible to locate them using Eyes of Ender or using the /locate Command.



Almost no outward indications exists, making them hard to find. However sometimes the Player can dig around a Village Well and locate the Stronghold. It may also show up at the bottom of Deep Ocean Biomes; look for stone bricks and/or lighted areas where a wall is not fully formed. Certain texture packs may help with seeing them under the water as well.

Rarely, the Stronghold will intersect with an Abandoned Mineshaft.


Strongholds vary in size but are generally large and complex like a maze, containing multiple rooms often with walls of Iron Bars, corridors, Libraries, stairwells, fountains, dead ends, and other features. Strongholds are lit by enough Torches to provide visibility in most areas, though not enough to suppress Mobs from spawning.

They are mostly built out of Stone Bricks, Mossy Stone Bricks, and Cracked Stone Bricks. Some of these blocks are Monster Egg (AKA Silverfish Stone) which spawns Silverfish.

Of the more essential structures within a Stronghold are the End Portal room, and one or two Libraries with Loot Chests. The Libraries might contain several hundred Bookshelves.


It is possible to get loot from Chests present in Strongholds. They are:

Stronghold Crossing

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 1-4
Iron Ingot Iron Ingots 10/77 13.0% 1-5
Gold Ingot Gold Ingots 5/77 6.5% 1-3
Redstone (Dust) Redstone 5/77 6.5% 4-9
Coal Coal 10/77 13.0% 3-8
Bread Bread 15/77 19.5% 1-3
Apple Apples 15/77 19.5% 1-3
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 1/77 1.3% 1
Book enchant Enchanted Books 1/77 1.3% 1
Ink Sac Ink Sac 15/77  19.5% 1-3

Stronghold Library

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 1-4
Book Books 20/52 38.5% 1-3
Paper Paper 20/52 38.5% 2-7
Map Map 1/52 1.9% 1
Compass Compass 1/52 1.9% 1
Book enchant Enchanted Books 10/52 19.2% 1

Stronghold Corridor

Item Weight Chance Count
Group count: 2-3
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl 10/99 10.1% 1
Emerald Emerald 3/99 3.0% 1
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot 10/99 10.1% 1-5
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot 5/99 5.1% 1-3
Redstone (Dust) Redstone 5/99 5.1% 4-9
Bread Bread 15/99 15.2% 1-3
Apple Apples 15/99 15.2% 1-3
Iron Pickaxe Iron Pickaxe 5/99 5.1% 1
Iron Sword Iron Sword 5/99 5.1% 1
Iron Chestplate Iron Chestplate 5/99 5.1% 1
Ironarmor Iron Helmet 5/99 5.1% 1
Iron Leggings Icon Iron Leggings 5/99 5.1% 1
Iron Boots Iron Boots 5/99 5.1% 1
Golden Apple Golden Apple 1/99 1.0% 1
Saddle Saddles 1/99 1.0% 1
Iron Horse Armor Iron Horse Armor 1/99 1.0% 1
Gold Horse Armor Gold Horse Armor 1/99 1.0% 1
Diamond Horse Armor Diamond Horse Armor 1/99 1.0% 1
Book enchant Enchanted Books 1/99 1.0% 1


  • Strongholds are by far the biggest Generated Structures.
  • With a maxium of two Libraries per Stronghold, each with a maximum of two Chests, and up to 4 corridor Chests, the maximum number of Chests that may be found in a Stronghold is 8.
  • Bug: There was an Android-exclusive bug in which Strongholds could not spawn.
    • If a Player leaves a World where there was supposed to be a Stronghold, it would crash the game.
  • In the Beta Version of Update 0.16.0, it was impossible to create a World with Strongholds at all, the game would crash and even deleting the World was impossible.
  • Before Update 1.0, only 3 Strongholds were generated per World.
  • As of Update 1.0, Strongholds generate randomly across a World, even as far as the Far Lands, instead of exclusively underneath Villages, even though that is still possible.
  • Strongholds were the only Generated Structure that could be found by the /locate Command prior to Update 1.1.
  • There is a one in one trillion chance of a Stronghold spawning with all Eyes of Enders in the End Portal Frames. [citation needed]
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