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    The problem was resolved and there is no further need to discuss it.
    16:34, September 12, 2016

    Why did you delete all content from the nether portal page?

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    • I'm pretty sure it was a mistake, seeing as he had such a descriptive summary. 

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    • Well if that was the case then I'm sorry Mica. I just got a shock when I saw the page was empty.

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    • Whaa? It all got deleted? 

      No way!! ARRRGGGG!!

      I'm so sorry! My Internet went wacky at the last second and I had to submit my changes twice.

      I think... Yes, that's it!! Just before I hit "publish changes" everything on the page was suddenly high-lighted! I must have hit delete or backspace or something when that happened.

      Ohhhh, what to do...

      EDIT: Wait, did RedstoneDemigod undo the damage?

      I was going to try undoing the last edit myself, but thank you!!

      But as you can hopefully see, before I accidentally deleted everything, the page MUST have saved my work, because at the top of the page it says

      "Nether Portal is a Player-built structure which, when ignited by Flint and Steel or a Fire Charge, creates a portal for the player to travel to the Nether dimension."

      I added "or a Fire Charge", and rearranged the bullets in the "Portal Block" section, so my changes are still there.

      Thank you for calling this to my attention, I truly had no idea what I had done. Thank you also for fixing the page; I am SO glad that the wikia has an "undo edit" button!

      So sorry for all the trouble,

      MicaSmash (Contact Me)

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    • She reverted it :)

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    • Okay, that's understandable. My browser wacks out sometimes too. Anyway, no worries. :)

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    • Thanks! :}

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