• Hey guys, T-Bacon here. Been a while since I've posted here, so I apologize if it's in the wrong section.

    I used to play PC up until 1.8 when it stopped working, so I went to PE around 7.0. I think I stopped MCPE at 0.16.0, because PC left more to desire.

    What has happened since 0.16.0, and what is with RageElixir's videos entitled "THE FINAL MCPE UPDATE 1.2!!!!!!!"? Is this legit, or is it just clickbait like the rest of his [edited] content?

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    • In a technical sense, it's true. 1.2 is the update that will abolish the MCPE name, and make all platforms simply "Minecraft". From 1.2 onwards, mcpe will be known as the mobile, or bedrock, edition.

      It shall not be the last update to come to the mobile edition though. New things will still be added.

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    • After the Better Together update (aka 1.2 for MCPE) just as RedstoneDemigod said the MCPE will be renamed to just _Minecraft_. This name will follow the bedrock engine, and as such be applied to the versions available at mobile phones, VR, Xbox One and Switch.

      The PC version will be renamed to "Minecraft Java Edition", and will its own life. The console versions (by 4J studios) for playstation and Xbox is given a more uncertain faith. Sony has said that they don't want the bedrock edition, so those will most likely be updated. The Xbox will get the bedrock edition, so I'm _guessing_ it'll not having a lot of updates.

      So to sum it up:

      • PC-edition -> Minecraft Java Edition, will be updated
      • Android, iOS, Xbox One, Switch, VR -> Minecraft, using the bedrock engine, still to be updated
      • Playstation -> Continue on the console edition
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