• You've been a great user on here Herobrine. To me, you're simple and have humility. Just how I totally like it! Since you're 11 now. You'll be in secondary schools I believe, good luck there. Or even better, good work there. Also nice edit amount. I'm still trying to get 100 but RedstoneDemiGod thinks i'm a bit. "rushed" in my editing. There's an edit I do here. If I get 100 I'll change my name to "Intermediateeditor13"! Anyways, see you soon. Aiming for mod rank soon and making my profile picture fancy. Aim for gold badges too. That will be a while since i'm dominant activated.

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    • Yes, I am going to middle school in September. Thank you Simpleeditor13 (soon to be Intermediateeditor13). I usually don’t aim for badges here, I only want to do what’s right.

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