• Hi,

    I am hoping someone can help me get minecraft up and running again.

    We have Minecraft PE on a Samsung tablet it has a self made world on there and a couple of others downloaded (Stampy World DanTDM world etc). We wanted to move the world we made on to a new tablet, so I copied the files onto my laptop and then downloaded them on to the new tablet.

    On the new tablet all the worlds are working as expected, except the world we created which is not visible to select from the menu. The files are still there in the right location but for some reason Minecraft is not reading them.

    I moved the SD card from the old tablet to the new one, but put it back when Minecraft would not load on the ld tablet without the SD card. Now the world can't be found on the old or new tablets!

    Any suggestions most welcome!

    Many thanks

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    • Hmm i dont know alot about this possibly check if minecraft was updated and your using the latest vversion. Make sure you fully downloaded the worlds. Um possibly restarted or like uninstall and re install minecraft to reset it? That's all I can honestly think of.

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    • I think I may know on your old tablet was the save settings set to external (your tablets memory) or application (the app it self) cuz I had a system update on my current tablet and the world's were set to external..the update said I would lose all memory on tablet so I lost all my worlds but any other app I had that had all of it's data saved to the app it self was able to be recovered just by redownloading the app

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    • Ah like i said, with the re installing >w<

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