• Can someone please clean up the navigation bar at the top? I don't know how to do this, and this problem needs to be addressed as there are many pages on there that have been deleted and therefore need to be removed from the navigation bar. Thank You!

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    • The orange bar with the nether background? 

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    • Screen Shot 2017-12-17 at 8.05.34 am
      This thing --->

      I don't really know what it is called.

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    • Some of the pages on the drop down menu no longer exist.

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    • Could you give some examples of which are not working? They are supposedly listed from categories, so they should work. (And I'm a little lazy, and don't want to test every menu link)

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    • -The "interactive items" just redirects to "items", and therefore is not needed

      -"Bonemeal" does not exist and needs a redirect to "Bone Meal" (Apparently a space means the difference between these articles)

      -In categry "mobs", there is a page, "mobs" Maybe the link to this page should have a prominent place in the catagory "mobs"? Or something similar?

      -Enchanting tables are in the "tools" catagory, while crafting tables and furnaces are in "items"/"interactive items". Is there a specific reason for this or does it need to be changed?

      -In the "blocks" drop down menu, it calls the "brick block", "bricks". This could be confused with a "brick" item. Perhaps this could be changed to Brick Block?

      -As TNT has a function that is definitely NOT just as a decorative block, should this still be in the "blocks" catagory, or should it be moved to "items" or "tools"?

      -Also can we have a link from the drop down menu directly to the 'things that are exclusive to minecraft bedrock' page thing (whatever the actual name is). It would help with the finding of this page.

      Oh, and also the thumbnail on the mob catagory page for llamas is glitching out really weirdly for me, is this happening for anyone else?

      Thanks everyone. :)

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    • That is a thorough list, and I'll look into it. Some of it looks a little disturbing as these menus should be based upon categories, so maybe the categories are wrong.

      I'll get back to this, when I've got a little better time.

      Good catch, though.

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    • Here's another one: Steak is still in the "food" menu bar even though it has been renamed "Cooked Beef".

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    • - the first drop-down title is still called Minecraft PE

      - the update aquatic's link is still being called update 1.3, despite being changed on the page itself

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    • The "Join Our Server" link should also be deleted, along with the page it links to.

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    • A FANDOM user
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