Update 1.5

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Current build: build 10

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This Beta continues to add features from Update Aquatic phase 2, and is released in the Update 1.5 series with internal game version


  • Fixed several of the top crashes that occurred during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when placing Sea Turtle Eggs into the inventory.
  • Entities no longer become invisible based on the position of the observing player.
  • Improved performance around Ocean Monuments on Android devices.
  • Players will no longer gradually drift up or down when swimming straight ahead.
  • Fixed some Update Aquatic sound effects not playing on low memory devices.
  • Flowing water now angles properly when flowing down.
  • Flowing water touching Stairs that contains a water source no longer causes water to flow from the solid face of the Stairs.
  • Fixed rendering issues with flowing Water and flowing Lava.
  • Lava will now render when the player's perspective is right below the surface.
  • Fixed blocks that were removed underwater not creating source water blocks.
  • Dropped items no longer float against the water current.
  • Tridents no longer disappear when they hit Armor Stands.
  • Bubble Columns now reappear quickly if they were blocked by a solid block.
  • Decreased the time is takes to break Coral Fans in Survival.
  • Rain no longer severely limits view distance.
  • The drinking sound is no longer played twice when drinking a potion or Milk.
  • Guardians once again spawn in valid water source blocks.
  • The Mob Griefing game rule now converts properly from Console Edition worlds.
  • Powered Observers now convert properly from Console Edition worlds.
  • Fire Resistance once again protects players from Blaze ranged attacks.
  • Decreased the damage given by standing in lava when armor with Fire Protection and Protection enchantments is equipped.
  • Protection enchantments once again protects players from all types of damage.
  • Special symbols in a player’s nickname no longer cause a syntax error when trying to teleport that player from the Host Options tab.
  • Woodland Explorer Map once again point players correctly to Woodland Mansions.
  • Pumpkins are now consumed when creating an Iron Golem.
  • Top Snow falling on a Snow (block) no longer loses one layer.
  • Fixed an issue with saved worlds not syncing properly between Xbox One consoles.
  • Increased the durability of Sea Turtle Eggs when items are dropped on them.
  • Zombies and Drowned no longer jitter while jumping on Sea Turtle Eggs. Why would they though!?
  • Drowned will once again leave water to attack player at night, like they should!
  • Ice placed on Magma Blocks in the Nether no longer create water source blocks when melted.
  • Hay Bales now have the correct bottom texture when held or seen in Item Frames.
  • Arrows of the Turtle Master now apply the proper Resistance level to the target.
  • Active Conduits no longer have a black texture surrounding them on some devices.
  • Fixed players losing ownership of tamed animals after updating to the latest beta version.
  • Fixed the Sneak control not exiting a boat when using keyboard/mouse controls.
  • The player model in the skin picker no longer covers the rotate icons in certain GUI scales.