• Holroy
    Lately I've been reviewing how pages have been categorised on this Wiki, and as part of that process I've seen some strange habits which I would like to address.

    When adding a category to a category you're creating a sub-category, and this creates a tree of categories. A proper sub-category is to be a subset of the parent category, and all the items of the sub-category should be present in the parent category.

    A sub category should normally not contain elements which are not logically part of the parent categories.

    Also remember that the sub-category is defined on the sub-category page, not the parent page. I.e to make Category:Mobs a sub-category of Category:Entity you need to add Mobs to the Entity category page.

    Please avoid to loop categories, e…

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  • Holroy

    Fire spreading

    February 3, 2017 by Holroy
    In this blog I'll cover the area of how far fire will spread over air, stone and into wood. 

    I created a lot of dangerous situations in creative world, and set stuff on fire. The general setup was to use Netherrack as the fire, cobblestone as the fire preventer, and the wood block to be set on fire. In the image, all wood blocks which has burnt up has been replaced with redstone blocks, and some blocks of air has been replaced with glass blocks.

    The short answer to the distance where blocks will catch fire is all blocks surrounding the block on fire, and if next to a wall a up to four blocks in the wall.

    In the left of the image, you'll see various test configurations with blocks in the square around the block on fire, and blocks one above th…

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  • Holroy
    Have you seen some of the tools available to MCPC for finding biomes, strongholds, villages, and so on, and missed the opportunity for doing the same on MCPE? I have, but recently I found a way to find biomes on MCPE since the MCPE and MCPC seems to use a very similar biome generator.

    It is a fact that the world generator on the MCPE and the MCPC (i.e. the Java or Personal Computer) version are not the same, but it turns out that when it comes to generating the biomes and the rough structure of the terrain they can be interchangable with some caveats.

    Most prominent is the fact that the list of biomes are slightly different. So you'll have to translate a few of the biomes found into another biome type in your MCPE world. Another difference is r…

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