StethacanthusesDB 2
Sorry, but this all has to do with Sharks again. I know a way to get around Mojang's "Laws of Mobs", but yet still introduce Sharks: introduce an extinct species of Shark. Not Megaladon, but rather one less known; a shark by the name of Stethacanthus. It was about the size of a Bull Shark (about 9-10 feet). This shark went extinct 320 million years ago. It gets around all of Mojang's "laws" in the sense of its already extinct, therefore it also cannot pose a danger to anybody, therefore it addition to that, nobody can get close to it. Minecraft could go creative here, and maybe add a few special abilities to this shark, mainly because we don't know too much about them. And please, if you are going to say some thing trying to prove me wrong, please say it in a nicer way. My last blog, sadly, once again saw people trying to downplay me. Well, here it be heard that I will not stop until Mojang officially add Sharks.