Recently, Mojang published a video about the whole Minecraft community to decide what new mob should be implemented to Minecraft! This'll be a good change and a good mystery for us all!

Jens "Jeb" Bergenstein, the Mojang and Minecraft developer, said that prior Minecon Earth in November 18, we should decide what mobs to pick for a new experience!

It's true! We're letting you (yes YOU) decide on what goes into Minecraft! We've designed new mobs, but only one will be added to the game! Which one? A, B, C, or D? That's all up to you!

– Tom Stone, writer

I'll leave the photo of the new mobs on this blog so you'll decide what to pick. Remember, these new mobs are aggressive! Small, nimble, quirky, adept... etc!

New Mobs
Oh, and you had better vote for my favorite mob, which is Mo-[NAME REDACTED FOR THE SANCTITY OF DEMOCRACY]

– Tom Stone

Hmm... what will be it? Surely this'll be a top notch trial! It's all up to us now.



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