These are the banner patterns I know of.


These are patterns that require a crafting table to make.


Fesses are horizontal lines or rectangles on a banner.

  • Fess
    • Dye on middle row
  • Base Fess
    • Dye on bottom row
  • Cheif Fess
    • Dye on top row

Per Fesses

A per fess is a landscape rectangle that takes half of the banner.

  • Per Fess Inverted
    • Bottom two rows
  • Per Fess
    • Dye on top two rows


A pale is a vertical line on a banner.

  • Pale
    • Dye on central column
  • Pale Dexter
    • Dye on left column
  • Pale Sinister
    • Dye on right column

Per Pales

Per Pales are portrait rectangles that occupy half the space of the banner.

  • Per Pale
    • Dye on left two columns
  • Per Pale Inverted
    • Dye on right two columns


This is the pale that doesn't fit.

  • Paly
    • Dye on top-right, top-left, middle-left and middle-right


There are two patterns with a crossover.

  • Cross
    • Dye in a + shape
  • Saltire
    • Dye in an X shape

Single Dye

There are two different patterns with only one dye.

  • Roundel
    • One dye in central-middle square


Cantons are squares in the corner of your banner.

  • Base Dexter Canton
    • Dye in bottom-left square
  • Base Sinister Canton
    • Dye in bottom-right square
  • Chief Dexter Canton
    • Dye in top-left square
  • Chief Sinister Canton
    • Dye in top-right square


Bordures are basically borders!
To make one, surround the banner with dye.


Gradients are when a banner is fading with the colour dye.

  • Gradient
    • Dyes
      White Banner

      I could not describe.


      These, you need only your own inventory! Great!

      • Bordure Indented
        • Banner, Dye and Vines
      • Field Masoned
        • Banner, Brick Block and Dye
      • Creeper Charge
        • Version Exusive: Requires Dye to craft
        • Banner, Creeper Head and Dye
      • Skull Charge
        • Banner, Wither Skeleton Skull and Dye
      • Thing
        • Banner, Enchanted Apple and Dye
      • Flower Change
        • Banner, Oxey Daisy and Dye

      This is unfinished, your's sincerely, PlayerKiller001(visit my wall) .