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  • Starlight45Oreos

    I was on Discord today and went onto the official Shou Discord server. This is where I learned that it came back which I didn’t believe until I saw it actually happened. Because of this, I took a screenshot of my profile online and in the app. I even made a video showing all of my Shou “moments” just because I want to remember them after Shou is gone again. There is still a chance that it will shut down again on June 1.

    Thanks to this, I now remember that I joined Shou July 24, 2014. It’s been a good four years and I will miss all of the fun and memes. Thank you for reading.

    Here’s a gallery of possibly my last look at Shou.

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  • Starlight45Oreos

    Most of you reading this may be surprised, but maybe it is a good thing that a very annoying user like me should leave. I have been warned 2 times to stop mini modding which is a big thing. If I get warned a third time, I’m not allowed back. What should I do?

    And yes. I’m no longer considering Forum Moderator because all of the staff members will be upset about my existence.

    Since these two games aren’t getting a lot of attention, would it be a good idea to close them?

    Try to make the next user laugh

    Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

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  • Starlight45Oreos

    I have finals and testings this month. This world will murder me. I’ve already expirenced tgis important testing 6 times. This is not a “I’m leaving” blog.

    Enjoy some Oreo flavored Oreos. I can’t stop laughing.

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  • Starlight45Oreos

    I have been playing around with the files lately. This is the reason why I am not as active the past few days. Since this is Minecraft, I will tell you what I found in there.

    -Large, Medium, Small Chalkboards


    -NPC spawn egg

    -Camera Item (Can’t fomd code for it)

    -Camera Tripod

    -Canera Front

    -Pink Arrows (Can be found with the normal arrows in the entities folder)

    -Camera Sounds


    -Screenshot (Can be found in GUI folder)

    -Spawn egg templates (Recorloring tenplates. It took me over an hour to retexture them all)


    -Ruby (Where is Max? Sorry.)

    That is all of the unknown things I can find. Unfortunately, I can’t find any code or textures for the Glowing Obsidian and Nether Reactor Core. I just know the two blocks are in the files becaus…

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  • Starlight45Oreos

    What is this cringe pack you asking? I would click this link.

    The start:,_I_took_on_a_challenge

    This was some quick progress update. I am not planning on voicing yet. As some of you saw on the quote thread, my friend requested earrape audio for my voice. That will not happen because I would not like to shatter your ears. All I am doing for the past few days since the request was coming up with the things the mobs will say.

    The cow sounds I first thought of were very generic. So instead of the generic “Moo!”, I was thinking of making the cow... weirder.

    Idle sounds

    • ”IMMA COW!”
    • ”SURPRISE!”
    • ”Don’t kill me!”

    Hurt sounds

    • ”Take that Cow’s beef.”
    • ”Where’s that dog?”


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