Dear Former WikiCrafters,

       It’s sad. WikiCraft closed about a week ago. So many great builds, creations, and ideas. We all miss it. Loyal Players, Respectful Staff, Nicest Owner, and some of the best builds (Like started earlier). Even though the server is gone, I would like to re-unite players in a world I made. It’s a Creative world, Meant mainly for building, and I’m willing to bring in some great builders that were on WikiCraft. As of right now, the world is pretty big, but with a lot of help from you, it could become something massive. If this isn’t really your thing, than Hey, that fine by me. I’m not forcing anyone. If you decide to join you will take a tour, I will hopefully earn your trust, and Allow you to build. Build whatever, but ask me which location to put it in first. I hope to see at least some of you! Lol
                                                  From, Survive

World Name: Jen Valley 4

Xbox Username: SurviveUrDie