Alright so, as many or no one of you knows, I frequently go to the update pages, looking at comments, adding my own, checking to see if the pages have been updated, any new things mentioned, checking Twitter, etc...

As I scroll througt the Update Table, as I call it... maybe it’s just my dirty mind, or imagination, but that table looks a little odd. I hope we get more updates quickly. (Before anyone else notices)



Or we could change the style up a bit? Update the Wiki? It’s been looking like this (Example: font style, etc?) ever since I joined. Maybe that’s not our fault though, not our admins, but the whole “Fandom Powered By Wikia” thing itself to blame.

But, I know we can change the colors around, I’ve seen it done before. That’s one thing I’ve witnesed in all my years (ok, it’s only been one) here. So, color change anyone?

Oh, what am I doing? No one ever reads my blogs.